Auditing Solutions

Smart Energy Saving and Consumption Start with a Thorough Audit

If your project goals are to improve lighting quality, reduce energy consumption and cut energy costs, start with an audit of your existing lighting.  The Sterling Group, Inc. helps you meet your goals by performing comprehensive lighting audits of existing lighting. These reviews involve looking at the lighting in each room and determining the best ways to upgrade.

We look at such things as lighting design, ballasts, wattages, lamps, etc. Then, we provide you with a comprehensive report complete with suggestions for making upgrades. Our upgrades are some of the most detailed in the industry.

Audits Save Time and Money

Retrofitting is the most economical way to upgrade your lighting for energy efficiency. Still, skipping audits could cost you unnecessary time and money.  Audits help you save time because it provides you with a plan of attack and helps you avoid the time wasted during upgrades. Audits also help you save money because you don’t waste money on inventory you don’t need. You know what you need before ordering parts and supplies. 

Don’t waste time and money. Contact us for a retrofit audit today.


Project Management

Project management services lets clients focus on running their businesses while ensuring energy efficient lighting retrofitting is completed on time and within budget by expert technicians



Energy efficient lighting retrofits and installations are completed by a nationwide network of experts who can be onsite and ready to upgrade commercial buildings within 48 hours.