Retrofitting Solutions

Retrofitting – Inexpensive Energy Upgrades

When the desire is to cut energy costs by reducing consumption, there is no better way than retrofitting. Retrofitting is one of the most inexpensive ways to cut costs. The return on investment is realized quickly.

Expert Retrofitters Available Nationwide

The Sterling Group’s nationwide network of expert retrofitters and installers are readily available to complete upgrades. We assemble teams quickly and have them onsite and ready to work within 48 hours. These specialists are highly trained and experienced with the latest technology used for lighting upgrades.

Projects in Multiple Locations Are No Problem

The Sterling Group works with a national client-base. We are equipped to manage and provide resources for multiple retrofitting/installation projects in multiple locations. No matter how many lighting upgrades are needed, The Sterling Group provides the solutions you need.

Let’s get started with your retrofitting project today.



Auditing services reveal the most effective means of reducing energy usage and cutting energy costs through smart lighting retrofitting.


Project Management

Project management services lets clients focus on running their businesses while ensuring energy efficient lighting retrofitting is completed on time and within budget by expert technicians